As many of my long-time regular clients know, my husband passed away in January of 2018.  He had mental health issues his whole life, but his health especially began to decline the last 3 years.

I thought about closing the clinic to take time to take care of myself and heal.  A year sabbatical or more perhaps.

But the Creator put this lovely soul at my door and she agreed to work many days of the week, while I work a few so I can rest, heal, mourn and repair my own health.

This only works if you trust in the process.  I would NOT bring her in if I didn't think she was amazing and could hold a tender space for the people who come into the practice.  I encourage you to please give Maegan a chance to hold beautiful, healing and vibrant space on your own health journey.  

About Maegan

Forever enchanted by the magic of holistic health, Maegan McCoy is a weight-liftin’ yoga priestess with a penchant for supreme colon hygiene.

Maegan solidified herself as a Gravity enthusiast while training intensively under Cindy Paiva at Cultivate Detox. She then worked exclusively at Oasis Colonics in Portland, Oregon to help clients achieve the most vibrant health possible.

Maegan pairs her colon cleansing specialities with a B.S. in Health, Leisure and Exercise Science from the University of West Florida.

Maegan is honored for the opportunity to work alongside Cindy and ecstatic to share space with her beloved clients.”