Happy New Year! Operation Resilience


As I write this, we seem to be in the midst of a virulent flu season.

After 25 years of NO flu (and no shots), I got the flu.

It was brief, but boy...I do NOT like being sick (who does right?)

As I age, the vulnerability of an illness has me upping my detox game a bit.

Now, I did create a perfect environment for the flu to catch me this year.

Stress, being at the hospital around sick people ALOT this summer (see previous post), visiting a friend at a senior center, revisiting my occasional glass of wine, eating out and then the final one that really got me was the small intimate concert setting I attended December 23.  

And I knew it.  When I left that building, I knew I broke all my own rules about touching things, eating french fries (to absorb the wine :(), touching everything, no ventilation, etc.

In any event, it's made me quite aware of viral loads on a body.

In a body that probably has at least 3 different viruses from vaccinations as a child.

So this year, my strategy is to keep my detox pathways wide open so these viruses can pass through.

To up my food based supplements.

To get preventative blood work quarterly so I can keep track of where I am and begin to tackle those issues.

To meet with my naturepath quarterly as well.

Using my essential oils 2-3x a day on feet, smelling, and hands so I can keep an energetic protection boundary around me, within me, so ward of any critters.

Because getting sick sucks.

And it's more expensive than preventative.

What are you doing up to up your detox game?