Schedule Changes & Tahoe location

Schedule Changes

As many of my regular clients know, my partner passed away this year.  I have been working part time as I process his death, mourn, repair my own health, and now I'm in the final stage, which is dreaming about a new life direction.

One of the dreams we had was to get me to the mountains - Tahoe!

I'm so grateful to announce that I have found a place in Tahoe to eventually call home!

In the meantime, I'll be living there part time, and here in the City part time.

So my schedule will look a bit "off' meaning...I will be spending 10-14 days a month in Lake Tahoe.

The great news is that I will be opening a clinic in Tahoe in the coming months.

I also will be offering private health and detox retreats!

Thank you all for helping me get to where my heart resonates the most.  Watch the monthly newsletter for more info.