Detox Questionnaires

If you are attempting to become your own healer, you will first will want to assess where you are in the typical health spectrum.  These questionnaires are collected from the many teachers, books and guides I have come across over the last 13 years.  You can begin to heal your own health once you know where you are in the health spectrum.  


Candida questionnaire

Candida, or candidiasis, is a fungus overgrowth in the body.   There are several, everyday scenarios that allow yeast to spiral out of control without realizing it.   Take this test to see where you are in the candida overgrowth stage, then get your customized Sugar-Free Cleanse combined with a few sessions of colon hygiene, and you are ready to become your own healer.


General toxicity

Standard Process has a very nice toxicity loading questionnaire that will help you do a body scan/check on where your health may be more than "just aging."

Download this questionnaire here.


Auto-immune | lyme | hormone imbalances | Emotional detox | Leaky gut | sibo | dysbiosis | Mold | parasites

When challenged with any of these health conditions, you are going to want to systematically look at everything in your environment as a possible immune response issue.  I can work with (or the staff at Origin) your integrated team to incorporate colon hygiene as part of your detox and rebuild process