Health retreats

Oftentimes, we need to get out of our habits and environment when we've been diagnosed (or better yet, before) with a health issue shows up.  Rest is a huge prescription as we tend to drain our adrenals, so at home detox and retreat detox all have their place..  Listed below are some of my favorite Detox Health Retreats to get your mojo back.  

1.  Sanoviv Health Institute - Rosarita, Mexico.  Sanoviv is an integrative medical facility that includes may traditional and holistic doctors.  They treat cancer, lyme, degenerative, cognitive conditions.  They also have a detox and rejuvenation program as well as an Integrative Physical for a complete health assessment.  I highly recommend them, but please know - they are not perfect!  If it were me, I go here first BEFORE I was treated my traditional medicine.  

2.  Optimum Health Institute - San Diego, CA - OHI is not a medical facility, however people do go there if they feel they can manage their own health issues and detox as they do NOT have staff available to assist.  However, it's a great yearly health vacation one can do to optimize their health.  

3.  True North Health - Santa Rosa, CA - This is a water fasting clinic, however they are able to customize any type of detox that matches your health condition.  This is a medically supervised facility where they incorporate water as a healing tool. This is not for the faint of heart.  Great facility and totally recommend these practitioners. 


In 13 years of clinical practice, having healed my own health, I can say there are seasons to detox, all types of detox and there are many philosophies.  All of them work.  But not all of them works for everyone.  However, I do get asked "who would you recommend" so I'm sharing these people and if they resonate with YOUR health situation, then by all means reach out to them.  This list is not inclusive, nor is absolute.  You must know yourself, your body enough to make a decision that is right for you.

1.  Dr. Tent @ Diverse Health Services - He's a paleo-kinda guy, so if you are a fast oxidizer this system will really work for you.  He does skype appointments out of Michigan  He has a prolific YouTube education series.  His speciality is virus related health issues (Lyme, EBV, CMV, etc.) as a basis and foundation of most health issues.  I have personally done a consult for me and my son and he really knows how to pieces of the puzzle together.  He's direct, and doesn't really mince words.  If you like that, you'll appreciate him.  

2.  Dr. Robert Morse @ International School of Detoxification and Tissue Regeneration. - I love this man and he's been one of my most profound detox teachers over the last 10 years.  I've witnessed people heal on this all fruit diet (or mostly fruit), but you must be a slow oxidizer for this system to work.  His herbal formulas are some of the best I've experienced.  His heart is pure and his truth is undeniable.  His detox philosophy has been proven with over 40 years in clinical experience.  Dr. Morse is going to focus on opening the lymphatic system, clearing kidneys and making sure bowels work so that disease can move out of the body.  Dr Morse also has a prolific practitioner community (which I am also part of), as well as a plethora of YouTube education videos

3.  Chris Beat Cancer - Online - If you are looking for the basics, this online tutorial is a great place to start.  So, so, so many healing stories here.  It's really foundational to get the inflammation out of your body in order to heal and see what you are dealing with.  

4.  Cancer Tutor - Great online resources for those struggling with the Big C.  This is a great site to glean preventative measures as well as treatment options.

5.  Pet Cancer - Yep, the cancer industry is not just in the medical industrial complex, our animals friends are also susciptible to the same diseases as the humans.  I've helped me dog live to 15, and my cat to 20 yrs old because I had some foundation knowledge about the industry over a really long time.


I have met some great practitioners around the area, and I'm sure I'll be expanding this section soon, however, here a few that I seem to always write their info down for clients.

1.  Michelle @ Creative Healing Center, Livermore - Michelle is a shaman goddess of massage.  Intuitive, deep, caring, present and really just magical.  She's the only one I know doing an appropriate lymphatic massage (especially for breast cancer patients).  Been in a bad relationship and need cord cutting spiritual work?  Michelle's gotcha.  Need a deep tissue massage that makes you melt into the table?  Michelle.  Want to do an essential oil anointing massage?  Michelle.

2.  Sheila Krystal - Sheila is an extraordinary psychologist who incorporate EMDR into her 2 hour sessions.  She can navigate many worlds, meets clients where they are at and really can have deep, complex navigation of all the bodies.  She remembers EVERYTHING even when it's been years since our last session.  I love Sheila, but she's not for everyone.  She's comes from a lineage of some of the great psycholgists and psychiatry.  You sit in her space and there's lots of crystals, a floor couch of sorts, and of course, she's in Berkeley. :)