We do not take phone calls. I know, isn’t that crazy?

Well, the problem is, we are in session with clients and don’t have a staff assigned to just answer phone calls. If we did, we would have to charge far more for your session to cover the administrative costs.

That’s why we absolutely rely on online appointment scheduling. That’s where the admin investment has gone. Oftentimes people want someone to ease their worries or fears, or want to spend 30 minutes chatting about all their health issues. I wish I could still continue to do that, but I have found the return on the time investment is just not there.

What if you need directions? Or tell us your late? Or have questions?

You can send an email or a text!

If you send an email and we need to chat, we can schedule a time to do so. If you are running late, just send a text to let us know. If you need directions, please please map the location prior to your session. Know that parking will be terrible, and plan accordingly.

I just find that putting these boundaries in place reduces a ton of headaches, babysitting and good boundaries of respect. It does take away a personal touch as a downfall, but trust me - when you come in we will take very good care of your present needs.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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