Empowered Patients

Service Offerings

Primarily people find them because I provide gravity colonics in the SF Bay Area.  However, I do provide other services such as Medical Intuitive Readings, Essential Oil Anointing, Soul Fracture Recovery, Gut Restoration, Intermittent Fasting for Health Recovery & Conscious Languaging.

Gravity colonics

When we begin the process of awakening, we start with the first chakra, which is fear.  Yep, I'm going right into your fears, then moving through the second and third chakra to begin to unravel and reprogram the traumas and fears and begin the enlightening process.  There are many ways to do this (like meditation), this is just the way I have found to be the most efficient.  We are programmed to be in our minds, but I want to move you back into your body, so we can reconnect the gut/brain axis.  

Gut restoration takes more than one session.  I can help you set up a protocol to begin to unravel years of crap eating that has hardened in the intestines making it difficult to release.

Sometimes it's a stress response, so I'll actually re-potty train you.  

Sometimes it's an atonic bowel that the nerves have been fried.  I'll suggest some herbs to help restore that.


Naturopaths Available

I work closely with the N.D.'s at Origin Health.  

Services available with Dr. Kailah and Dr. ManVy include:

  • Nutritional IV's - including Myers Cocktail, and custom cancer protocols
  • glutathione push,
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D injections.
  • Bloodwork 
  • Health Assessment
  • Homeopathy
  • PRP Facials
  • PRP Hair restoration
  • Microneedling
  • Natural Face Lift
  • and much more... 


Periodic detoxification is about reviewing your relationship to anything you are having a difficult time breaking a habit, then replacing with your more HIGHEST self patterns.  Food is the most common place to start, as eating is a daily choice and requirement.  

Sometimes my vegan clients are stuck in emotional cycles, sometimes sugar is a replacement for losing the sweetness of life, sometimes Standard American Diet is because we are asleep to the world around us.  

We need to reconsider the idea of one way works for all.  Through a thorough assessment, I can begin to understand how your body communicates, and help you see what your body is trying to communicate to you.

We often have the toughest time seeing ourselves.  Let me help you discover a way to quickly move through these health opportunities by incorporating a detox that's custom to your emotional, spiritual and physical issues.