Clinic Policies

Well, I guess it’s time to put these in place.  People do tend to feel safer when there are boundaries of mutual respect.  Many won’t need these, but others might, so here they are.

1.  24-hour notice required for cancellations or a $60 fee is incurred for new clients and a prepaid session is forfeited for existing clients.  I know, things happen all the time at the last minute.  I typically have a waiting list of clients to come in, and am always trying to fit people in to accommodate their schedules by sacrificing my own at the beginning or the end of my day.  I would much rather be home with my family, or allow another client who really needs the appointment to have it.  So please, show up, even if you get your period (which is NOT a big deal).

2.  Late Policy.  My appointment times are tight at the moment!  If you are late, the entire list of clients behind you are going to start their session late.  I cannot in good conscience keep everyone longer because you

  • didn’t give yourself enough time to find the location,
  • anticipate traffic, and parking
  • didn’t map your location beforehand
  • figured it wouldn’t matter.

It does.

On one hand, no one should be kicked off the table to keep a schedule flowing when their colon is full of water and on the other hand, if I stay late for you, then I can feel everyone’s irritation for having shown up on time yet I can’t get to them in a timely manner because the person before them didn’t anticipate a-d above.

If you are more than 15 minutes late, I am unable to see you and 24-hour cancellation policy kicks in.

3.   Five minutes early is plenty of time to arrive early for.

4.  Prepays, coupons, and all that stuff.  I offer prepays so that you are able to save money on individual sessions and encourage a pro-active method of health care.  These packages are not refundable, but the value of the discount expires after 6 months.  It’s just a paperwork thing and energy thing.  If you feel you are NOT able to use the package, then please don’t purchase the package.  Pay the individual, non-committed fee.  After recent issues, this will be strictly enforced!  

5.  Account sharing and transferring is not allowed.  Under certain circumstances it makes sense but when it becomes a problem (and it has before), it's just cleaner that everyone keep and have their own account.

6.  By scheduling an appointment online, you agree to these policies as outlined in the waiver, and initial appointment email.

7. Discounts cannot be combined.

8. Prepaid sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase.

9. No refunds.