Contraindications for Colon Hygiene

Cancer of the colon or GI (gastro intestinal) tract.
Acute abdominal pain (please call us to clarify).
Recent history of GI or rectal bleeding.
Congestive heart failure.
Uncontrolled hypertension.
History of seizures.
Carcinoma of the rectum.
Abdominal surgery*
Intestinal perforation.
Abdominal hernia.
Recent colon or rectal surgery.
Recent heart attack.
General debilitation.
Vascular aneurism.
Renal insufficiency.
Epilepsy or psychoses.
Severe hemorrhoids.
Fissures or fistula.
Ulcerative colitis.
Acute Crohn’s disease.
Rectal bleeding / Rectal or abdominal tumors.
Blood Thinners Medication


* Please email me to inquire about your situation as this does not apply to all surgeries: cultivate detox @ gmail dot com