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On a physical level, you recognize intuitively you must keep the pipes clean in order for all organs to drain, blood to be cleaned and the bowels to be empty. Your mind requires lots of information, you have lots of questions at this level, so we educate and entertain the mind on cultivating a state of health.

On an emotional level, perhaps you have trauma buried in the tissue (pssst...we ALL do). You are just at the stage of your evolution that it's time to eliminate it. So we activate and integrate the emotional inner-child who allows her trauma to leave the emotional body. Reprogram the tapes.

Choose differently.

On a spiritual level, you have deeper inquiry that requires a practice of cultivating awareness and communication with the body, accessing the spiritual worlds and learning to navigate that part of consciousness.

Perhaps you've tasted the divine and looking for re-integration.


On a cellular level, if you have worked through these other stages, the cells begin to vibrate higher frequency communication. When given an internal baptism and you need an energy worker who can hold neutral space for that unfolding.

I think I might be of assistance to you.

Welcome my friend

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With 13 years of clinical experience, I've learned a lot about the human spirit, body, and mind.  Check out my bio below

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