Happy New Year! Operation Resilience


As I write this, we seem to be in the midst of a virulent flu season.

After 25 years of NO flu (and no shots), I got the flu.

It was brief, but boy...I do NOT like being sick (who does right?)

As I age, the vulnerability of an illness has me upping my detox game a bit.

Now, I did create a perfect environment for the flu to catch me this year.

Stress, being at the hospital around sick people ALOT this summer (see previous post), visiting a friend at a senior center, revisiting my occasional glass of wine, eating out and then the final one that really got me was the small intimate concert setting I attended December 23.  

And I knew it.  When I left that building, I knew I broke all my own rules about touching things, eating french fries (to absorb the wine :(), touching everything, no ventilation, etc.

In any event, it's made me quite aware of viral loads on a body.

In a body that probably has at least 3 different viruses from vaccinations as a child.

So this year, my strategy is to keep my detox pathways wide open so these viruses can pass through.

To up my food based supplements.

To get preventative blood work quarterly so I can keep track of where I am and begin to tackle those issues.

To meet with my naturepath quarterly as well.

Using my essential oils 2-3x a day on feet, smelling, and hands so I can keep an energetic protection boundary around me, within me, so ward of any critters.

Because getting sick sucks.

And it's more expensive than preventative.

What are you doing up to up your detox game?


Essential Oil Resurrection

As some of you know, I was in Florida in May training with Master Healer Robert Morse, N.D.  I realized I knew most of the information and while it wasn't particularly informative, the part that really resonated was the entire day dedicated to what it takes to walk the path to the True Healer.

That same weekend, my (ex) mother-in-law (MIL) went to Puerto Vallarta for a memorial celebration with her siblings after losing their mother in November last year.

After returning from her trip to Mexico, Chris began experiencing diarrhea.

Like most parasite cases I see coming into the clinic, it starts with diarrhea.  That turned to bloody diarrhea.  At that point, she was taken to the hospital.  They initially diagnosed her with Colitis.  Colon inflammation.  Not the causative reason, but the diagnosis of a symptom.

They gave her antibiotics, and that's when the spiral happens.  Without an immune system to effectively fight the infection, the e.coli infection quickly turned to Shigellosis, a bacterial infection in which the e.coli releases a toxin into the bloodstream that tears and shreds red blood cells.

Merck manual states: "Antibiotics are not given for hemorrhagic colitis suspected to be caused by E. coli because they do not lessen symptoms, they do not prevent spread of the infection, and they actually increase the risk of developing hemolytic-uremic syndrome."

Once that take holds and continues unabated, you now have the rare complication of Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, or HUS.

When red blood cells are shredded, they can quadruple and acts like debris in the plasma.  Circulating those dead blood cells through the kidneys, heart and liver often lead to very dire complications to other organs.

Within a week she was on breathing support, kidney failure with dialysis and had a small stroke.   By the second week her platelet count was 10k.   That's not a great number.

Honestly, it did not look good.  When I went to visit her, I was talking to her soul body.  She was in her body still, but exhausted.  I could feel she wanted to get back fully into the body, but it was too painful to do so.  I came home thinking "wow...this is how her story ends?"  She goes to Mexico for vacation and then this?  And what happens if she does recover?  Will she be able to use this body in the way she always had?  Could she modify?

Nonetheless, Jake came home from the hospital that fateful Monday night.  We both agreed that it did not look good despite trying to be positive.  Jake said "mom, is there anything you can do to help?"  Well, the thing is.. a healer has to be invited into the healing.  The family had long seen me as a woo-woo witch doctor, lol.  She couldn't ask me obviously.  But Jake was her grandson, a direct blood decedent.  He could make the request on behalf of her because they were VERY close.   That was all I needed.  (When invoking a healer for healing, someone must open the door, make the request or have the awareness of what they are requesting.  It's like a healer code of ethics.)

I called my sister-in-law about an hour later after doing some initial research.  I told her what I know, shared with her the research and asked if I could anoint her with essential oils that would target all the systems collapsing.

She gave me the go-ahead.

I came into ICU and anointed her.

The next day her platelets doubled.

So I did it again the next day.  I also brought in research on shigella, e.coli, using essential oils and provided it to the doctor on rotation.  I told him clearly "I'm not here to ask your permission, I'm here to work together.  Here's the research, here is the plan.  Give me your top 3 concerns so I can focus on those as well."

He just shrugged and said "ok..go ahead"  That's when I knew he was out of options.

So assessing together, we came up with this order:  Clean the Blood of Shigella, e.coli toxin, get new blood cell transfusions to hold oxygen.

The next two procedures we were looking at was a trach in her throat since she had been on the breathing machine for too long.  Also, he said she would mostly likely have permanent kidney failure after this requiring a lifetime of dialysis.

I respectfully waited for the doctor to leave the room.  Then I reminded the family that "they only know what the Merck manual tells them...they don't know miracles, they don't understand regeneration or resurrection.  Do NOT take his word as absolute truth!"  Of course, I got THAT look.  The one that says "your crazy."  (As a healer, I'm kinda used to it at this point so I just smile and have compassion for their closed and programmed mind.  lol)

The next doctor on duty was totally against the oils.  Said it was an issue with their "policy" on ICU.  I politely reminded him I don't work in the policy worlds, as I am her ordained minister (true), anointing and resurrecting using oils as we do in the bible.  He did NOT like that response.  But people, when you claim relgious freedom, people don't fuck with you as much. :)  The hospital administer came down to have a little "chat" with me about policies and I also reminded her about religious freedom and constitutional amendment.   Seems like we didn't have a problem after that.

Every day her platelets doubled.  Every day we saw improvement.  Soon the CDC cleared us from the infectious crap we had to wear in the room.  (I didn't since I was literally soaked in the oils which was the best disinfectant there is).  Everytime I anointed Chris, I asked for her permission.  When she became aware she smiled and whispered "yes, please put those oils on me."  She knew...I knew...we had this awareness of what was happening on the other less discernible levels here.

After 7 days her respirator was removed.

After 10 days she was transferred to a rehab facility as her medical emergency was over.

She had a slight stroke from the blood cells getting caught up in her heart.  Her left side initially was just "flopped."  Today she's responding, she's is slowly getting up and learning to walk again.

Her kidneys and creatinine levels have normalized so no dialysis.  

Truly, a miracle.

If you ever have a chance to help another soul, it's very easy to turn away, to doubt, to mount up a defense against the powers that be.  However, the reward for the risk is a blessing to all.

I'll keep you updated on her condition in the coming months, but it looks like a full recovery. :)